Ten Geeky Business Cards

Using some of these business cards will surely create your brand recall.

3 D Business Card

Techies would love this

Google Business Card

If you are a social media Geek

Twitter Business Card

Check this link out for the complete set.


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Effects of Deforestation

And you thought Deforestation only affects you!

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Should You Buy an Ipad?

Gadget freak? Still cant decide whether to buy the latest Ipad? Check out this flowchart

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Flying Toilet – Disposable toiltet that can help crops

Flying toilet - Disposable Toilet

In the developing world, an estimated 2.6 billion people, or about 40 percent of the earth’s population, do not have access to a toilet, according to United Nations figures. A Swedish entrepreneur is trying to market and sell a biodegradable plastic bag that acts as a single-use toilet for urban slums in the developing world.

Once used, the bag can be knotted and buried, and a layer of urea crystals breaks down the waste into fertilizer, killing off disease-producing pathogens found in feces. The bag, called the Peepoo, is the brainchild of Anders Wilhelmson, an architect and professor in Stockholm.

After successfully testing it for a year in Kenya and India, he said he planned to mass produce the bag this summer.

Read the full story here…

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Top 10 Bizarre Do-It-Yourself Bicycles

From innovative to bizzare…some do it yourself bicycles…which bike you would try to invent?

Shoe Cycle

Shoe cycle (or it may also be called a running bike) is hardly faster or more comfortable than a regular bicycle but it is the perfect way to attract attention. If you enjoy being in the limelight, that could be good idea for you to have such a weird bicycle to go out on the weekends.

Office Chair Bike

Like you don’t spend enough time in your office chair! On the other hand, this really looks comfortable. So in case you spend much time on a bike daily, consider this little upgrade: add a 35 pound leather executive office chair.

Water Bike

The bike with water gallons can float on the water. These water gallons are raised, when the bike is on the road.

For a full list click here

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17 ridiculous laws still on the books in the US

In New Jersey, if you’ve been convicted of drunk driving you may never again have personalized license plates. Sure, get back on the road, but you’ll never get that DRNK4LYFE plate you always dreamed of

In Missouri, it’s illegal to drive with an uncaged bear (caged bears are ok). While this rule is definitely worth following, it’s hard to imagine that the whole ‘bear in car’ issue was ever enough of a problem that creating an entire law against it became a necessary measure

In Connecticut, It’s Illegal To Walk Across A Street On Your Hands…imagine everyone walking on hands just to break the law.

Check out the full list here…http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/02/17-ridiculous-laws-still_n_481379.html?#s71275

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Dancing Stick Bombs

Beyond domino toppling lies the next big thing in kinetic art: xyloexplosive devices. Tim Fort weaved together 2,250 tongue depressors to construct his xyloexplosive device. The tension built up by weaving the sticks together means that the slightest movement or removal of one stick sets off the explosion. Check stick bomb.

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